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Posted by Girmor - August 19th, 2020

I made Ko-Fi account, I make some sketches and stuff, check it out:




Posted by Girmor - June 18th, 2020

One of the goals for 2020 is now complete.



They came out great, but now I have to make 'em for future dinners for my family, they loved it as well lol

I hope Danny Trejo is proud of me lmao


Posted by Girmor - February 11th, 2020

I've started art streams again!

Most of basic settings are done, only custom widgets are not complete..

https://www.twitch.tv/girmorng <---



Posted by Girmor - February 4th, 2020

So, some time ago I've started to do some warmups by drawing poses from Posemaniacs (30/45 seconds), it really helps to keep your mind on the right track! It's also relaxing! iu_90635_6581803.png


Posted by Girmor - January 20th, 2020

I don't know why but this little warmup makes me really happy ^^




Posted by Girmor - January 16th, 2020

Hey, I'm still alive, but I'm more at practice/writing stuff, so far it's good to make some new characters for upcoming DREADBRINGER comic (and chars for other stories as well), but I don't have strength to finish this kind of stuff, so here's the WIP:


Meet Rottot and Rodgers!

Rottot is one of my OC's that I drew first on Cintiq 22, Rodgers is a new character that will be important for many stories, including DREADBRINGER as well!

And I've got some lore about them:

Rottot is one of the most fearful bounty hunters in known part of the Galaxy, especially in Borrigian Sector (largest sector of galaxy, The Galaxy is divided into 'sectors'), where he had gained his reputation; He hides his true identity behind his helmet, only few beings knows his true name and species. He's very strong and agile, he knows how to use almost every existing weapon properly. With his iconic weapon - The Himmerfallen - he succeed in almost every job he gets.

To prolong his Legacy, he decided to find a sidekick, that will gain his knowledge and all his possesions after his death.

The First One was killed during hunt for notorius Space Pirate.

The Second One betrayed him and barely escaped from his wrath.

The Third One left him when they killed many innocent people to prevent a larger threat...

But Rottot knew that one day his sidekick - Rodgers - will 'understand' his way and he will be back.

He will prolong his Legacy.

Rodgers was born on the planet Bradoran 4, he started his bounty carrier after desertion - he was a soldier during brutal civil war on his homeworld. He met Rottot during on of bounties in Borrigian Sector, on planet Nora Zee. Back then they were rivals, but later Rottot noticed his potential and chance to prolong his Legacy and after rough negotiations they became partners.

Rodgers is very skilled and experienced warrior, his favourite weapon was a Plasma Riffle, similar to Rottot's gun - The Himmerfallen, he preferred open combat and aggresive ways to resolve any conflict.

That's everything I have for now!

Rottot and Rodgers will appear in DREADBRINGER comic and other stories!

Let me know what you think - should I do more of this kind of stuff?

Good day to you, Tank Lads!


Posted by Girmor - December 31st, 2019

My goals for year 2020:

- Having fun with drawing stuff!

- Being more active in social media

- Making more stuff + fanart stuff

- Start to do some commissions!! (finally)

- Learn how to make those goddamn spicy tacos!

And THANK YOU for your support so far <3

Happy New Year Everyone!

Posted by Girmor - December 23rd, 2019


Quick doodle I made for my birthday.

No, I'm not a boomer yet.


Posted by Girmor - December 10th, 2019

Hey everyone!

It's almost the end of this year and I want to thank you for the follows, it makes me really happy and it gives me energy to move on with my artwork!

I want to summarize what I've done so far - so, I think this year wasn't that great as 2018, I made less stuff, I was judging myself too much, I had no idea what to draw for most of the time, but I'm happy, that I made some progress in my style (I mean more colors/better anatomy/finally using more references); I think the worst month was October - I did nothing, when I had some time to do something...

In 2020 I want to release "Dreadbringer" comic, I'm currently working on the story/characters, but it's still a lot to do. (I'll keep you updated about the progress ;D)

Also I want to create more fanarts for my favourite artists - and there's a lot of them :D

AND I've got a question for you:

What do you like most about my artwork? What more do you want to see?

Should I be more active on Twitter? (I mean posting random stuff/memes)

Any answer will be extremly helpful ^^

Take care, Tank Lads!


Posted by Girmor - December 15th, 2018

Yup, I think I can handle it!

BUT - I do not draw chibi/furries/pony stuff, so keep that in mind :P

Have a good day, Tank lads!